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First Blood

First Blood - Susan Sizemore, Erin McCarthy, Chris Marie Green, Meljean Brook I read First Blood in full for a challenge. If it hadn't been for that, I would've only read Erin's Vegas Vampires short. I haven't read any of the other series yet. Some of them had me interested enough to look into the full series (Meljean Brook's series), while others made me feel like I was watching a long-time running soap opera for the first time, not knowing anything about the characters, what's happened prior to the short and not really caring.Since I've only read the Vegas Vampires series, I will only review that one. I don't think I can provide any good insight into the others that might help you decide to/not to read them.Erin McCarthy's story, "Russian Roulette" is #5 in the series and tells the story of vampire/bar owner/musician Alistair Kirk and fledgling vampire Sasha Chechikov. Alistair knows his evil-ex, Cassandra, is holding a woman hostage in her home. He rescues Sasha and takes her back to New Orleans with him. Sasha was Gregor Chechikov's blood slave. After his death, she was sold to Cassandra. Needless to say, she doesn't trust vampires, but she goes along with Alistair's plan of pretending to be his girlfriend in order to hide her. They're both surprised when their pretense turns into real affection for one another.The story was a good mix of action and romance. I enjoy the series and will continue to read it. I may try to start Meljean's Guardians series as well.