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Night's Cold Kiss

Night's Cold Kiss - Tracey O'Hara Night's Cold Kiss introduces us to Antoinette Petrescu, a legendary vampire hunter or Venator and Christian Laroque, a vampire or Aeternus. In the world of the Dark Brethren, there are 'good vampires' or Aeternus and 'bad vampires' or Dreniacs.A serial killer is on the loose killing women how look similar to Antoinette. She reconnects with Christian and a few others to find and stop the killer. While there were some interesting things throughout the story - the different types of vamps, bear-shifter, etc - that I enjoyed, this story just wasn't what I was hoping for in the end. I didn't really care for Antoinette. She came of as whiny, even though she's a legend in the "biz" and a strong warrior in her own right. Christian, while having certain qualities I enjoy in a hero, just fell a bit short as well. It may have something to do with the fact that I read it right after Queen of Shadows, which I loved, making it hard to compete. I'm not sure exactly. Either way, it was a decent read, just not decent enough for me to jump to read book #2, Death's Sweet Embrace.