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Reaper (Soul Screamers, #3.5)

Reaper - Rachel Vincent Per Rachel's blog: "It's come to my attention that "Reaper" is up for pre-order for the Nook at Barnes & Noble. Which would be cool, except that it's listed with a price of $2.99. That will eventually be the right price at e-book stores, but for the first few months, "Reaper" will be free in most formats, in most places. And it will stay free in PDF format on my website."-----------------------REVIEW-----------------------Reaper is Tod's novella. I wish he'd get a full novel, but I'll take what I can get. Throughout the Soul Screamers series, Tod has been my favorite character. He jumped up even higher on that scale in the 3rd book of the series, My Soul to Keep.In REAPER, we learn how Tod becomes a reaper, the pre-reaper relationship between him, his mom and brother, Nash. And his first intro to Levi. There are 1-2 "hmmm" tidbits thrown in to look out for how they'll play out during the upcoming books. Overall, a good read, although too short for my liking. :)