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Beautiful Lies (Ridley Jones Series #1)

Beautiful Lies - Lisa Unger Beautiful Lies, while not a book I would have otherwise picked up if not for a challenge, was the story of Ridley Jones and how her life turned out to be much different than she was brought up to believe. The story is part mystery, part romance. The big mystery is a "who am I" type where Ridley starts receiving mysterious messages suggesting she may be the daughter of someone other than the parents she's loved her whole life. Ridley is a normal, every woman, heading to work when she's captured on film saving the life of a boy. Her story gets a lot of press and attention, which leads to questions she never knew she had. While trying to figure out what the messages mean, she meets a hot neighbor who turns out to be more than he appears.I listened to the audiobook and at times felt the story could've been shortened. But, overall, a decent read. I am not sure that I'll read any add'l stories in this series.