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Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed Series #3)

Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian Midnight Awakening is the 3rd book in Adrian's Midnight Breed series. Out of the ones I've read so far, this one was my favorite. This story brings together two characters who we've met in previous books in the series. Tegan, a Breed warrior, who is still suffering from the loss of his first mate, and Elise, who's loss of her mate and son are still fresh in her mind. Elise is determined to hurt/kill the man who is responsible for her son's death. Tegan and Elise's paths crossed the first time in Kiss of Crimson when he took her home after learning the news of her son. Their paths cross again and this time neither can ignore their feelings. I loved Elise's strength, esp since she is weakened by her "gift" (hearing thoughts of others) and a petite, untrained woman. She's able to hold her own against the enemy. She makes a perfect mate for Tegan, IMO.I look forward to continuing on with the series with Midnight Rising.