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Cross Your Heart (Broken Heart Vampires Series #7)

Cross Your Heart - Michele Bardsley Cross Your Heart is the 7th book in the Broken Heart, OK series. In this one we get a closer look at Elizabeth Bretton, the prim and proper Silverstone heiress. Her life, though lonely as others in the BH community start pairing up, is moving along as usual until she starts hearing her name called. She is being haunted by a ghost. While trying to figure out what the voices are telling her, she runs into Tez, a hot, flirtatious, were-jaguar. He instantly knows Lizzie is his mate, but she's not so sure. He's nothing like the man she envisions herself with and he's constantly joking with her about the way she speaks. But, she cannot resist his hotness or the caring way he treats her. Tez is in Broken Heart on a type of "visitor's pass". While there, others aren't sure he's being completely honest b/c they all believed were-jaguars were extinct. While courting Elizabeth and helping solve the mystery of her haunting, he is dealing with the pack's attention. Attention he's not really interested in, now that he has found his one.Trouble ensues and the others in the community come to help. Lizzie and Tez eventually get their HEA. As with all other books in this series, it was a light, quick read with lots of funny parts. I have enjoyed every book in this series. However, this one wasn't my favorite. I just wasn't drawn to Elizabeth, although Tez was a sweet treat.I'll most definitely continue with the series.