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Alpha (Shifters Book 6)

Alpha - Rachel Vincent Initially I was able to read slowly, to savour it a bit. But, like all the books in this series, this one quickly picked up speed and wouldn't let me off the ride. I was stuck, glued to each page, smiling, crying, yelling, along with Faythe and her family of werecats. Alpha was full of more lows than highs (IMO), but about par for Faythe's path so far. She hasn't been the luckiest cat in the kennel. Hard being an independent female who's not ready to pop out kittens, as the men (outside of her family) feel she should. Not to mention the state of her "love life" when Shift ended. As always, there were plenty of cat fights that kept the action flowing as well. In the end, I can say that Vincent successfully wrapped up most, if not all, loose ends/storylines. There are always things I would like to have seen done differently, but it wasn't my story to tell. All I could do was hang on tight and enjoy the ride. And, enjoy it I did! This might actually be a series I eventually re-read.