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Summer of Fear

Summer of Fear - Lois Duncan Summer of Fear was written in 1976 for young adults and has won several book awards: California Young Reader Medal for Vermont Young Readers Award, Vermont Young Readers Award and the New Mexico Young Readers Award. I chose to read this book for my "Lifetime of Books" challenge. If I hadn't had that challenge, I'm certain I never would've read this book. That being said, it was an entertaining read. I borrowed the audio version from the library and, although the narrator's voice didn't fit, IMO, the book was easy to listen to.Rachel is a 17 year old girl living with her two brothers and her parents in Albuquerque, NM. She's dating the boy next door and ready to enjoy the summer. But, one day the family receives devastating news, Rachel's aunt and uncle have been killed in a car crash leaving her cousin, Julia all alone. Her parents decide to have Julia live with them. When they return with Julia, Rachel is determined to make a good impression and help her feel at home with her family. Julia is not what she expected though. She's quiet, has "piercing eyes" and "talks funny". Julia and her family were living in the Ozark Mtns while her father wrote a novel. Rachel starts to notice very odd things about Julia. She tries hard to get her family and friends to see them too, but they begin to think that Rachel's just jealous of all the attention her cousin is getting.The story moved quickly and soon the readers find themselves rooting for Rachel and her plans to expose Julia for what she really is. It was interesting reading a story that was written 34 years ago. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.