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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot (Immortally Sexy Series #3)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot - Stephanie Rowe He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot introduces us to Nick Rawlings, 1/2 healer, 1/2 Markku. He's guarding the newly frozen Satan Jr. for his friend, Jerome, the ex-pirate and 1/3rd of the Council. Nick believes himself to be the only surviving Markku, until he's confronted with one trying to free Satan Jr. Markku, being descended from Satan, their only weakness gold and post-battle weakness. However, this man doesn't appear to have any battle weakness.The Markku had gotten tired of being Satan's slaves, so when Nick's grandpa had figured out how to escape hell, he'd made a deal with the Council: if they'd help him lead the rest of the Markku to safety, he'd make the Markku available to help the Council any time they needed some muscle. But once the Markku had gotten free and the Council realized how powerful they really were, they decided it was bad to have the Markku be a free people, and they made another deal, this time with Satan. The Council traded an entire race of beings in exchange for Satan's Chamber of Unspeakable Horrors.Satan had been irate that his whole Markku army had bailed on him, and he'd ordered his Rivkas to destroy all Markku they found."During Nick's fight, the freezer was broken and now Satan Jr. is melting. While trying to find another way to keep him frozen, Dani, Nick's little sister calls him and tells him they are going to kill her if they don't get what they want. What do they want? Satan dead.Elsewhere, Becca Gibbs, Satan's favorite Rivka, is trying to find a way to free herself once and for all from Satan. She's sick of having no control over anything in her life, her every move and feeling ruled by what Satan wants from her. He's ordered her to quit her job at Vic's Pretzels in order to focus more time on hell stuff. Theresa, dragon shifter and guardian of Mona, the Goblet of Eternal Youth, tries to help her.It's not long before Nick and Becca cross paths. They each realize that the other can help them achieve their goals. There's a major flaw in that because if Satan dies, so does Becca. A new character is introduced, Paige Darlington. She's a new Rivka and has been sent to Becca as her apprentice. She's supposed to train her. She's a hyperactive, super enthusiastic student and she drives Becca crazy. Satan continues his wooing of Iris Bennett. He is a riot, as always. His battle between maintaining his bad ass ruler of hell persona while trying to give Iris whatever she wants is hilarious. These books are one of my favorite funny paranormal series. They are always full of snark, action, hot hookups and loads of laughs. I'll be sorry when it ends with the next book, Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy.