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Sorcery and the Single Girl

Sorcery and the Single Girl - Mindy Klasky Sorcery and the Single Girl continues on with Jane's story. She previously learned that she's a witch, has a warder, David, and a familiar, Neko, who she awoke accidentally while investigating the library and treasure trove in her basement. Now, David tells her that the Coven wants to meet with her. She knows that if the Coven doesn't accept her, she will be forced to forfeit the entire Osgood collection of magical books and treasures, as well as Neko. The Coven wants what she has and she's determined to be the best witch she can and hold onto it all.One day will visiting with Melissa at Cake Walk, the bakery she owns, she meets Graeme Henderson, Acquisitions. She isn't sure exactly what sort of job Acquisitions entails, but she definitely knows she wants to see more of Graeme. Melissa, not getting along with Neko, uses their Friendship Rule to keep Jane from talking about Graeme with anyone but her. Over the weeks prior to her important Coven meeting, Jane practices her magic with David, gets to know Graeme a bit better, but also strays a bit from Melissa. Instead, she's got a new BFF, Haylee James. The Coven mother, Theresa Cove and the entire Coven are intimidating to Jane and Haylee is the only person who shows her any sort of kindness.Mindy Klasky's "Jane Madison" series is a light, funny read. I like the main characters, Jane, Melissa, her best friend and Neko, her human (with feline tendencies) familiar. So, I give it a 4 for making me laugh, keepin' it light and making me want to finish out the trilogy.