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Pray for Dawn (Dark Days Series #4)

Pray for Dawn - Jocelynn Drake *******Book 4 in the Series - Series Spoiler Alert*******Pray for Dawn offers us, Drake's loyal "Dark Days" fans with a delish treat, Danaus' POV! Danaus has spent nearly all of his 1866 years hunting down vampires, his half-breed ancestry making him nearly as fast and as strong as those he fights. Since meeting Mira, the 600 year old fire-wielding vampire, he's troubled by the realization that not all vampires are "mindless killing, feeding machines". He never expected to find a vampire that "not only cared about other creatures, but that also had a sense of honor and responsibility". Danaus has also begun to question whether Themis is still the place for him. He questions Ryan's motives and begins to wonder what the warlock really has planned.He's been fighting in Europe for the past three months and now Ryan wants him to head to Savannah, Mira's domain, to investigate the suspicious murder of a young girl that has sparked world media attention. Together again, they battle the naturi that have moved into Savannah. But, now they also have to fight against the threat of the bori. "The bori were called the guardians of the soul, while the naturi were the guardians of the earth. The two races had been born to create balance on the Earth, but from what {Danaus} understood, the two seemed to be locked in a permanent power struggle over who truly ruled the Earth. Centuries ago, the bori and the naturi were imprisoned in separate, alternate realities. For the most part, the naturi had succeed in escaping from their cage this past fall..."** I enjoyed the were bits and hope that we will have more of Barrett and Nicolai in the next book.OMG Moments:"...her hand slid down my face to rest on my chest over my heart. Reaching up, I covered her hand with mine and gave it a little squeeze, needing to hold on to that moment just another second longer. If anyone knew what it meant to be alone and an outcast, it was Mira. She was my enemy. She was my friend. She was the only one who would understand that chasm of emptiness that threatened to consume me each night when I awoke. Hunting her kind was all that I had to keep me sane through the endless years. But standing there, holding her hand, I knew that those days were slipping from my grasp. The time was coming when I would have to choose between killing her or facing the life that she was offering me."This book was filled to the BRIM with action, sexual tension (which we all know Jocelynn Drake does well), and a sneak peek inside the heart and mind of Danaus. This is one of my favorite UFs this year. I am SO happy that we don't have to wait long for the next book. I hope that it isn't long before we are served another delicious "Dark Days" from Danaus' POV. It was a most welcomed twist to the story of these two who were once enemies, say they still are, but have a connection that is felt even after the book closes. LOVE IT!