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Inside Out (Inside Out Series)

Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder Inside Out was such a fun read. I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook. Maria Snyder's writing allowed me to fully picture Trella's world.Trella is a scrub, "Queen of the Pipes" as the others call her, who prefers to spend her time in the pipes. The scrubs are responsible for cleaning the "Inside" for the "Uppers". Scrubs and Uppers don't mix - ever. Life in the "Inside" is set to a strict schedule ... work, off time, sleep. It's all regulated and control is maintained by the POP Cops. The living area is overpopulated, so she likes to keep to herself, do her job and keep her nose down. She has one friend, Coag. When Coag comes to her and tells her there's a prophet that wants to talk to her, she's suspicious and tells Coag that he has to stop dreaming about what's Outside. She agrees to meet with "broken man" (called that b/c he's in a wheelchair) to humor him.Broken Man tells them that he has proof that "Gateway" exists. He tells her that he knows her family history, withholding that information in hopes that she, the one who best knows the layout of the pipes, will fetch his hidden discs. She tries to convince herself that she doesn't care about her birth parents. The scrubs are raised by mothers in the care facility until they are old enough to be put to work. That's her family. Despite all this, she decides to hunt for supposed discs. When she finds them she starts to wonder, is Broken Man telling the truth? While Coag, Trella and Broken Man try to access the data and prove there is a way Outside, discoveries are made, danger ensues and they all learn that no matter what, life Inside will never be the same.The characters are full of determination and an inner strength that keeps them fighting even when the cards are against them. They come together trying to achieve a common goal ... Getting Outside.Favorite Quote: "Hope is stronger than fear."