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Moonshine - Alaya Dawn Johnson I couldn't decide quite how to rate this one. Although I ended up enjoying it, I was able to walk away from it initially and wasn't drawn back to it. If it hadn't been a challenge read, I might have left it a while longer. So ... 3.5★ even though I'd read #2, if it's to be a series.Moonshine tells the story of Zephyr Hollis living in NYC in the 1920's. She's the daughter of Montana's best demon hunter. She moved to NYC after deciding demon hunting wasn't for her. She considers herself able to handle anything that gets thrown at her because "you can't be the oldest daughter of the best demon hunter in Montana without learning a few tricks."She is often called a "do-gooder" and nicknamed the "vampire suffragette" because she now fills her life standing up for Others. She goes about making amends for her hunting past by teaching English to underprivileged immigrants, including Others, at the broken down Chrystie Elementary School at night while during the day she attends suffragette meetings, pickets against the Mayor and works at soup kitchens. She's always looking out for those that aren't treated fairly or equally. While riding her bicycle to the school one evening, she finds a newly turned vampire child. She knows that if she turns him over to the police they would "take {him} to the morgue, turn up the electric lights and stake {him} ... for good measure they would cut off {his} head." She cannot bear to let that happen, so she carries him, on her bicycle, to the school. Once there, she has no idea what she's going to do with this, new awake and hungry, child vampire. Lucky for her, she has a rare immunity to vampire bites. So, when one of her students, Amir (a handsome foreigner who is Other, but which kind she doesn't know) finds her with the boy latched on her neck, he offers to help. After explaining that she is immune, he tells her that if she will do him a favor he will see to the boy. The favor turned out to be a request to find the elusive, ruthless, vampire mafia boss, "who terrorizes the immigrants in the city and supplies almost all the gin joints below Fourteenth Street", Rinaldo. No one has seen him, everyone knows "of" him though. He runs the little gang of young vampiri, The Turn Boys. Even his own officers have never seen him.The romance between Zephyr and Amir is so-so. His Other status is an interesting read though. Aside from that, the other relationships in Zephyr's life were a hoot. Her boarding house friend, Aileen, who loves her bodice rippers, "twopenny erotic novels with anatomically impossible cover illustrations", cracked me up. She loves to share the "good" parts with Zephyr. (LOL!!)**QUOTE RATED M17**Aileen says, "This auteur, ah, Verity Lovelace, has quite a way with risqué euphemism." "Better than 'dew-filled love chasm'?" {Zephyr} asks. "Oh, you can't imagine. Here." She flipped to a page whose corner she had folded down. "Her anus was a perfection of unblemished beauty, its youthful folds ruddy as an apple, with a delicate budding cherry at its center." "Oh, my," {Zephyr} says, ginning at her. "Don't tell me he pops her cherry?" Aileen giggles... "It's terribly shocking. And rather messy, if you trust Madame Lovelace."She has a tense "relationship" with the head of the boarding house and forms an unlikely friendship with a socialite reporter, Lily. They agree to help each other. Lily reports on all things Other and Zephyr is in search of one of the most elusive NYC has seen, or rather not seen, as the case may be.I enjoyed her family. They continue to love and support her, even though she is supporting Others instead of hunting demons.Zephyr Hollis is a character you can easily enjoy reading about, she's feisty and brave and doing what she can to help clean up NYC and make it a better place for all ... creatures. :)** There were some interesting twists to vampires. Ex: "The younger the vampire, the less susceptible they are to the burning effects of sunlight."