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Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld 8)

The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter **6th in the Series - Series & Book Spoilers**For some reason, I can never keep my LoTU reviews short. Sorry for the rambling, but these also help me to remember all the many, MANY things Gena throws at us in these books.The Darkest Lie tells the story of Gideon, the Keeper of Lies, and Scarlet, the Keeper of Nightmares."Gideon speak" was a bit hard at times, but eventually, like Scarlet, I got used to it. Per Gena Showalter's intro: "In this story Gideon, the keeper of Lies, battles Scarlet, the keeper of Nightmares. And by "battles" I, of course, mean seduces, infuriates, utterly baffles and completely charms. She claims to be his long-lost wife. Only problem is, he can't remember her. But, oh, does he want her. And he'll do anything to have her ..."Gideon has been recuperating from the torture he received at the hands (hehe, pun intended) of the Hunters. While recovering, the other Lords captured Scarlet and locked her in their cells. Scarlet, the keeper of nightmares, invades dreams, presenting sleepers with their worst fears and feeds off the ensuing terror. If you died in one of Scarlet's nightmares, you died for real. Nightmares would propel her into a dark, misty realm where human and inhuman minds were like doorways. When a door was open, that meant the person was asleep and the demon could enter at will. Location didn't matter. Distance didn't matter. Time zone didn't matter. Adults, children, male, female, that didn't matter either. Nothing mattered to the demon but feeding on terror. With only a glance, she and demon would know who the door belonged to, what kind of person they were and what they feared most.Since escaping Tartarus, Scarlet has been searching for Gideon. She's built a wall around her heart thinking that he'd abandoned her in the prison, never to return to rescue her as they'd planned. When she does finally find him, he's seducing a female in a dance club. That was all she could take. Since then, her love has turned to anger, disappointment and betrayal and she wants nothing to do with him. She doesn't want to tell him about their past and that she's hiding more than just the fact that they'd been married. Always having to tell lies, in order to not suffer the pain of telling the truth, has weighed heavy on Gideon. Never being able to honestly tell his brothers how he feels about them, and now not being able to question Scarlet without twisting every thought into a lie. Most females would burst into tears and run when he would tell them how ugly they were, but Scarlet is drawn to Gideon, understands the meaning behind his lies and at times uses them as a sort of lie-detector. Gideon tells the truth for what's important to him ... the prize - Scarlet's heart.Gideon was one of Zeus' elite guard. Scarlet first noticed him there when he would lock up prisoners. They fell in love and soon he started visiting Tartarus not only to do his job, but to sneak moments with Scarlet. She will tell him none of this though, hating that he cannot remember their history together and was able to forget about her and the love they shared.Gideon does recognize certain things though - her tattoo, which he himself has, "to part is to die", her eyes ... he struggles to learn whether he'd suppressed the memory of their history together or had his memories been taken from him? Gideon quickly realizes that Lies also desires Scarlet. He's not sure exactly why or what Lies likes about her, but he seems to purr in approval when they are around her. After the opening of Pandora's box, there'd been more demons than warriors, so the remaining demons were placed inside the immortal prisoners of Tartarus. Where Scarlet had spent her entire life. Her mother, Rhea, wife to Cronus, had had an affair with a mortal just before the queen's imprisonment and had eventually given birth to Scarlet inside her cell. Rhea kept her imprisoned b/c of her fear that Scarlet wanted her crown. Both her and Cronus attempt many times to kill her, but Scarlet is "saved" by another immortal, Alastor, who curses them both so that every time they attempted to kill her, they would physically age.We see few hunters in this one ... Galen, their leader and keeper of Hope and Hadiee, the hunter bait who lured Balen to his death.Other Lord Bits:Strider, runs into a hunter female, Hadiee, the woman who led Baden to his death. He's determined to avenge his best friend and brother, Baden, former keeper of Distrust.Aeron, with the help of Olivia, has been restored to his body, minus his demon and lives in the fortress with his brothers.Aeron is on a mission to rescue Legion from hell. He cannot concentrate on anything until he's freed her. He asks Amun to come with him b/c he knows Secrets (the demon) can help them determine where she's being held. Amun doesn't like the idea and doesn't understand how Aeron can still love Legion after what she has done to them, but for his friend, he says yes. His one demand is that William, an immortal of sorts, though none of them knows exactly what he is, go with them. Olivia helps Amun, the keeper of secrets, she can read his thoughts and shares them with the group, so he can remain quiet, holding in all the secrets his demon has collected. She also is free of secrets and sins, so he can be around her without pain or the need to take anything from her.Amun has found a female he's attracted to, Kaia, the Harpy. She's a liar and a thief, but she's open about it and keeps no secrets. But, she's slept with Paris and "while Amun knew the little Harpy was intrigued by him, he also knew she would not be settling down anytime soon. And Amun wanted forever."Torin, "The keeper of Disease and protector of the universe". :) When is he going to get his own book? Lysander is really starting to piss me off. He needs to just leave the Lords alone. :The Gods:Cronus is helping the Lords and Rhea is helping the huntersCronus is in possession of Sienna Blackstone's spirit (Paris' love) and when Wrath was split from Aeron's body, the god placed the demon inside of her. She's now dealing with that aftermath, trying to find balance between herself and the demon.Zeus told some of the Lords why they'd been given their demon. Lucien received Death b/c he'd opened Pandora's box, nearly leading to the demise of the world. Maddox received Violence b/c he'd killed the most soldiers in his quest to reach the box. Paris has seduced Pandora to distract her, therefore he'd received Promiscuity. Gideon wasn't sure why he'd been given Lies. He'd been a good warrior for the king. Downside for me, why not 5★: Aeron's death not discussed as much as I'd hoped for. I was left wanting more and felt a bit gipped in that regard.Funniest line in the book: Gideon is shocked, "My demon's a girl?"