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Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed Series #2)

Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian In Kiss of Crimson we meet Dante, one of the Breed warriors, out hunting Rogues. In the process of fighting, he's seriously injured and stumbles into a veterinary clinic run by Dr. Tess Culver. After feeding from her, he notices her Breedmate mark. Tess is a fighter though and, believing him to be a crazed attacker, she fights back forcing Dante to leave her before having a chance to talk to her about what's happened.Darkhaven youths have recently gone missing. Special Agent Sterling Chase, of the Boston Darkhaven, comes to the Order for help. None of the warriors like him, but they agree to work with him. But, Chase isn't happy with just their help, he wants to be involved too. Lucan assigns Dante to take him out on his hunts with him. Dante's not happy about it, but he does as Lucan orders.Things get messy for Dante, who can't stop visiting Tess. Her ex-boyfriend that won't quit, Ben Sullivan, continues to pop up. He's also got to deal with scouting with Chase, his tag-along.We learn that things aren't exactly as they seem with Agent Chase. He's got more than a professional interest in this case. Also seems that there is a new drug on the street that's turning vampires into rogues. It's called "Crimson", hence the name of the book. They battle to find the dealer and stop the distribution of the deadly drug, while trying to locate the missing vamps.I really enjoyed Dante & Tess' story. I love how they met, how he courted her and how they became a couple. I also enjoyed seeing more of the other warriors and their mates. I'm looking forward to Tegan's book, Midnight Awakening. Should be very interesting considering the "relationship" she has with her brother-in-law.