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Daring the Moon

Daring The Moon - Sherrill Quinn Daring the Moon got 4★ from me b/c I liked the characters and, for that reason, will most likely check out book 2, Seducing the Moon to read Declan's story. But, this story rates closer to 3 ★ for me b/c the "mystery" was too easy to solve and very early on.The story starts off with Taite, an investigator with the Pima County Attorney's Office, rebuffing the flirtations of a co-worker/attorney, John Sumner, who she previously dated, but felt no connection.For some unknown reason, assuming it's a result of a case she worked on, Taite has picked up a stalker. But, now, in addition, she gets spooked one night in a parking lot by a werewolf. She tells her best friend, Declan O'Connell, who doesn't believe her at first. The werewolf attacks again while they are driving, now Declan's a believer. Declan is a former special forces commando with the Royal Marines. Although they dated briefly in the past, it became clear early on to them both that their relationship was more that of siblings and not romantic. Declan is "the kind of man many ... men wanted to be, and the kind of man most ... women just plain wanted." {and he has a yummy accent} In order to keep Taite safe and figure out what to do, Declan suggests they go to seek the help of his long-time friend and writer of all things wolfy, Ryder Merrick. He believes Ryder will be able to help based on all the research he's done for his books.Taite & Declan travel to the small island in the Isles of Scilly to find some answers and help stopping her werewolf stalker. When they arrive Ryder is very unwelcoming and wants them to leave ASAP. He doesn't want them around because the full moon is approaching .... see where I'm going with this? Ryder and Taite have an immediate (like, hard at first sight, immediate) connection. Their "relationship" builds quickly, but you forgive the writer a bit b/c the sex is pretty hot. Ryder worries about how will she react when she learns of his "curse"? Taite worries about falling for a man when she first needs to find answers, not a romance.Well, now you probably don't even have to read the book, but that's the jist (see why it's such a quick read?) for those who are interested in more than the blurb.Even though there wasn't much mystery to the mystery and not much build up to the relationship, I liked all the characters in the story. Taite is strong and sassy. Declan is protective and has the hottie brogue accent. Ryder, with a British accent, is also an endearing man who struggles with the loss of his father and life with a curse while caring for and being cared for by, a Man Friday of sorts who resides with him, Cobb. I also like the addition of Ryder's father, grandfather, and great-grands' journals that provide more insight into the lives they lived while struggling with and explaining the family curse.[Format Read: eBook]