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Siege  (As The World Dies, #3) - Rhiannon Frater ATWD: Siege opens with a letter from Dr. Pus (seriously?!) of the Library of the Living Dead Press and Podcast. He warns the reader right away that "'Seige' will answer all the questions you've been wanting to ask since you read 'The First Days' and 'Fighting to Survive'. Rhiannon addresses them all, but you won't like some of the results. That's because she is such a talented writer that her characters are ones you have come to love, care about, have empathy and sympathy for. Her characters are us. And even though we all want them to win, it just isn't always possible in Rhiannon's universe." And already, before even starting the book, I'm wondering ... who won't survive? what's going to happen? ... even more so than after reading [b:Fighting to Survive|6350210|Fighting to Survive (As The World Dies A Zombie Trilogy #2)|Rhiannon Frater|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51t8yKuwRWL._SL75_.jpg|6536772]. Rhiannon describes the trilogy as "...the tale of two women who find a rare and powerful friendship at the end of the world and help rebuild a new one through love and sacrifice." I don't want to spoil the series for anyone who hasn't yet discovered it. The title says it all, as well as the introduction from Doc. It's now time for the fort group to fight, more than just zombies, as the fort comes under siege.The kids at the fort join the fight, "inventing diabolical ways to take out the zombies". More new characters join the group. One of them, Rune, has the ability to see ghosts. But, in this new world, he's not the only one. "...They haven't really moved on. They're all around us. All the time. Some are stronger in this world than in the other, but they are all caught between the world of the living and the dead. It got all messed up. All the dead rising like that. The natural order of things got screwed up." Other additions to the fort feel they are better than the rest of the group and don't need to contribute, but deserve to be waited on since that's the life they have become accustomed to.The group realizes that "...every moment of happiness ... {is} sweeter because of every other horrible moment {they've} experienced...". They are all trying to live their "new life" to the fullest, taking joy out of the little things while battling the threats they face each day.Very few books make me cry, but this one had me bawling! Seriously, snot and sniffles. It was ugly. I had to walk away from the book several times, but quickly returned because I just had to find out what happened next. I couldn't read it fast enough, yet I wanted it to last longer knowing it was the end of one of the best trilogies I've ever read. Don't get turned off - this book is not all tears, there are definite moments of happiness for the fort family. Did I mention ... THIS IS A MUST-READ series!! ?!?!*****Favorite Scenes/Quotes (Possible Spoiler Alert)*****Chapter 6"'And what do you do if you see a zombie?' Nerit asked in a loud voice.'Poke it in the eye!'The chorus of children's voices made Jenni look over .... a group of twenty kids, all ages, had gathered around Nerit and a dummy made up to look like a zombie. The kids all held the fort's makeshift spears.'And then what do you do?''Stake it hard!''Why?''To make their brain soup!' some little wise-ass called out. The kids broke up into wild peals of laughter.Nerit smiled slightly, then ordered, 'Okay, line up! Let's make zombie brain soup!'"Chapter 8Lenore and Ken, her gay best friend, are heading outside the fort ...Lenore asks Ken: "So why did you come?"Ken crossed his legs and gave her his most annoyingly cute look. "Guess.""Dale.""That was easy!Lenore scowled at him. "You do realize, twinkle toes, that we are going into a highly dangerous situation where we will most likely get our asses eaten.""He's really cute, don't you think? All rugged and strong. Dreamy," Ken said, smiling widely."Eaten. By Zombies. Not a cute guy. A zombie.""You do realize I only heard the words 'eaten' and 'cute guy' just then."Another Lenora & Ken moment ...Ken tells Lenora "{Felix} likes you."When she doesn't believe him, he tells her it's kinda funny because "...Dale signed up {for this mission} to be part of the fort. I signed up to impress him with my prowess. You signed up to save my ass. And Felix signed up to watch yours. It's the circle of life."Chapter 34Super nasty gore moment"...the first zombie to swim into view was vile beyond belief. A large woman, half eaten, her womb torn open to reveal the fetus inside, its small limbs moving, came into sharp view... Ewwwwwwww! Love it!So happy to read, in Rhiannon's letter to the reader at the end, that she ... will never rule out diving back into deadlands to see how {the characters} are shaping their new world...". YES, PLEASE! MORE![Format Read: eBook]