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In The Blood

In the Blood - Adrian Phoenix In the Blood picks up where A Rush of Wings left off with Dante and Heather apart following the "Bad Seed" aftermath. I love this series, but I have to say that for whatever reason, I'm thinking it's all the odd words within it, it takes me for-freakin'-ever to read each book. Pourquoi? Well, with words like: Aingeal, Anhrefncathl, Calon-cyfaill, Chalkydri, Creawdwr, Cydymaith, Elohim, Llygad, Wybrcathl, can you really blame my brain for occassionally misfiring and shouting, "WTF? Read that again ... slower this time ... go back ... what?" LMAO!! Merde! LOL!The hero is a seriously tortured soul and our heroine is a tough cookie who will not leave the side of her man. I finish each book liking all the characters more than the first and know the rest of the series will prove the same. I really like Von and would like to continue to learn more about him. My brain hurts, so it'll probably be a while before I tackle book 3, Beneath the Skin. But, not too long. :)[Format Read: eBook]