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Tales of the Otherworld (Women of the Otherworld)

Tales of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong Tales of the Otherworld contains short stories about Aaron, Eve, Kristof, Lucas, Paige, Jeremy, Logan, Elena and Clay. I liked some of the stories better than others, some felt a bit too short. But, since Clay and Elena are my favorites in the Otherworld, I was happy that their story was just right. Lucas and Paige get a lot of story time too. Overall Rating = 3.5★, based on average of each story's rating, but I bumped it up to 4★ b/c I love Kelley Armstrong's world. :)Story Breakdown: **(some are a bit detailed, so skip, if you don't want any -hopefully only minor- spoilers)**"Rebirth" tells the story of Aaron and how he became a vampire, how he learns to feed and his decision to stay "alive". This story felt a little short to me, could've been longer. Rating: 2★ "Bewitched" tells the story of Eve Levine and when she first meets Kristof Nast. He comes to her looking for training on witch magic and they fall in love. Kristof changes Eve, makes her a stronger person. Before she can tell him that she's pregnant, his father makes it clear they will not have a relationship and she must make the hardest decision ... to leave Kris. Rating: 4★ * I wish we could've seen more of Kristof before he died. I liked him in this story."Birthright" tells the story of Logan, at age 20. He receives a note from his father who he hasn't met, with medical and contact information for Jeremy. He knows something is "medically wrong" with him and heads off to the address. He first encounters Clay, then Jeremy. They allow him to stay with the pack until his first change, explaining that he's a werewolf. Rating: 3★ "Beginnings" tells the story of Elena at 20 yrs old. She starts a new P/T job at a newspaper while continuing at college. She signs up for a course taught by Clay, who she meets for the first time. Nick tries to talk Clay into hitting bars for a girl. He doesn't want a girl, but he feels like he's missing something. Clay is intrigued by Elena and asks her to be his T/A when he doesn't need one, just to spend more time with her. She meets Logan, when he comes to visit Clay at the college, and they quickly form a friendship. Pack forbids long-term relationships, so Clay struggles with his feelings for Elena. Rating: 5★ An "ahhhhhhh" moment between Elena & Clay: "He laughed and tugged me down in a kiss. Then, lips still close enough to feel them tickle mine, he said, “You know this is it for me, right? You’re it. First and last.” I looked up and met his gaze. “Same for me. First and last.” *Although as we know it took a while for that to actually be the case."Expectations" tells the story of Lucas, at age 20. He's approached with a request to retrieve a grimoire from Eve Levine. When she catches him in her house trying to steal it, he manages to escape ... with a different grimoire. Rating: 3★ * Another one that was very short story"Ghosts" tells the story of Jeremy (10 yrs after Clay bites Elena). He hears ghosts within the house. Daniel Santos is after Elena. Clay and Elena are off in Toronto while the danger exists. He remembers the events after Clay's bite, turning Elena into a werewolf. He wonders about his past decisions and the changes in the pack trying to determine if he should've done things differently. Rating: 3★ "Wedding Bell Hell" tells the story of Paige & Lucas' 3-wk countdown to their wedding up to the wedding itself. They consider eloping to avoid the headache of planning it all. Benicio hires a wedding coordinator and changes everything. Rating: 4★ "The Case of El Chupacabra" tells the story of Paige and Lucas working on a case to find a killer. We get a closer look into the relationship between Paige and Lucas. Lucas is fighting with financial frustrations and his struggle to stay away from his Cabal trust fund. He's frustrated that after 3 yrs he hasn't achieved the financial stability for his family that he'd hoped he would've by this point. The story takes place 4 yrs after Savannah was kidnapped and Paige became her custodian.Kristof's son, Sean Nast, is in a small town gay bar when he finds a vampire victim in a storage closet. The locals think it's a victim of the mythological "El Chupacabra". Sean is panicking over the thought that the Nast Cabal will find out, through the story about the murder victim in the paper, that he was in a gay bar. So, he heads off to visit Paige, Lucas and his half-sister, Savannah. He asks them to look into the case, to try to keep the Cabal from finding out his secret. They take the case and go to meet with Cassandra DuCharme, the 350 yr old senior council delegate for the vampire community. Rating: 4★* Interesting that, in this world, vampires only have to feed once a year. * Savannah cracked me up in parts of this one.Overall Rating: 3.5★[Format Read: Audiobook]