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The Vampire Tapestry

The Vampire Tapestry - Suzy McKee Charnas The Vampire Tapestry is the type of vampire book I'd find prior to all the PNR/UF books out now. The books consists of five novellas that run chronologically to form a full length novel when read together. The first three are all written from the POV of three people who cross paths with Dr. Edward Weyland and recognize him for what he is, vampire. The final story is told from Dr. Weyland’s perspective where he realizes the consequences of living too closely with his prey and the effects it has on his existence.Dr. Weyland is unlike any of the traditional vampires. He's a living being of a different species. He doesn’t know his own origin, but he knows that he has lived for many lifetimes. This is the story of what happens when his existence is revealed to others.[Format Read: eBook]