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Accidentally Demonic (Accidentals Series #4)

Accidentally Demonic - Dakota Cassidy This series always provides good laughs, a yummy guy, a twisted-from-the-start mated-for-eternity love story and some sort of fight scene. But you always know there'll be a HEA. Sometimes a girl just wants a little light, humorous, love story where everyone gets their HEA. That's this series, in a nutshell, for me.The previous books in the series, The Accidental Werewolf, Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Human told the stories of Marty/Keegan, Nina/Greg and Wanda/Heath. An odd group of girls who found themselves working together and then their worlds turned upside down by something paranormal.In Accidentally Demonic, we meet Casey Schwartz, Wanda's little sister, who's in jail for assaulting a police officer and has no memory of it. The gang comes to her rescue and while they try to find out what happened to Casey, Clayton Gunnersson (vampire and friend of the girls' husbands) tells them that he accidentally spilled demon's blood on Casey. The result ... she's now (and forever will be) part demon. When Casey starts levitating (caused by her anger), she starts to wonder why her sister and her friends aren't freaking out like her. The girls proceed to fill her in on the last couple of years and their new para-selves. Casey has a hard time believing everything they say, but who can argue when she herself is levitating and can shoot fire from her fingertips?The girls are hilarious with their constant bickering, (some of the girls' dialogue can get annoying b/c it's so mellow dramic, but that's partly what makes some of it is so funny) but they always have the best of intentions and make a plan to help Casey adjust to her new demon state and uncontrollable powers. Which Darnell, a demon friend of Clay's, relays to her is like "...givin' an AK-47 to a preschooler who had too much Mountain Dew at snack time." Little do they know, there's much more to the story than Clay has let on. He tries to keep the rest of the story from the girls, but eventually they find out everything and insist on helping him. It's the "Paranormal Mod Squad" to the rescue.