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The Last Angel: A Kayla Steele Novel

The Last Angel - Natasha Rhodes Rating: 3½★For some reason this series is hard for me to get into completely. I read book #1, Dante's Girl many years ago, but remembered the gist of Kayla's story.In The Last Angel, Kayla is now the newest and youngest member of the Hunters. In Dante's Girl, her fiance, Karrell Dante, was murdered. She had hoped that joining the Hunters could help her find a way to bring him back from the dead. She still has a lot of questions, but they are put on hold when an angel is found murdered on the streets of LA. The Hunters, who fight any sup they find, try hard and fast to solve the case of the fallen angel and stop Armageddon.This series is full on UF, which I typically love. It's full of action and lots of sups - werewolves, vampires and now angels. But, for whatever reason it will just never be one of my favorites.The ending is a cliff hanger meant to keep you on edge for book #3, Circus of Sins, due out later this year.