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Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures  - Kevin T. Collins, Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl I had a great time listening to this book. The reader was fantastic! He has the perfect southern accent (reminding me of home - VA), did a great job with the many voices - male, female, old and young. There were even some sound effects, which I've not had in previous audiobooks, initially it seemed odd, but ended up being a great addition and brought you even more into the story.I loved that this story was told from the boy's POV. With books like "Twilight" and such typically being from the girl's POV, this was a treat. There was so much of this story that I loved, too many things to name. Many of the characters had me laughing out loud, making my husband wonder if the move (prep) had finally made me lose my mind ... until he spotted the earbuds in my ears. Ethan and Lena's story draws you into the deep south with good home cookin', Civil War reenactments, polite boys and their family quirks, small towns with nosey postmen, the one girl by which all other girls are judged, tempts you with mystery surrounding her upcoming 16th birthday and strange family, softens you and takes you back to the day when you met that one person that you knew you never wanted to be without, no matter what being together meant. Will there be another book or is it a stand alone??? I want to find out about Lena's "seventeenth moon".