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Come Hell or High Water (Broken Heart Vampires Series #6)

Come Hell or High Water - Michele Bardsley Michele Bardsley's Broken Heart, OK series is always a fun read for me. They are all full of wacky romances and drama of some sort. Broken Heart's single parents were attacked one night by a tainted vampire. The books in the series each tell a story of a particular mom/dad and their struggles adjusting to their new vamp life, being a parent in their "new" town and finding their mate. In Come Hell or High Water we get to know more about Phoebe Allen and her Scottish hottie, Connor. {LOVE the brouge!}Parts of this book had me gigglin' to myself. Esp when she meets Dude, Connor's hellhound, a Chihuahua. "Hellhounds choose their forms and their masters." Dude eats demons and helps look after the two while they're in hell.Overall, not my favorite of the series, but it offered, for me, what this series never fails to do ... make me smile and provide a quick, light, funny, vamp romance.