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Demon Bound (Black London Series #2)

Demon Bound - Caitlin Kittredge Black London is one of my favorite UF series. I love Jack and Pete. It was a big Thank You! moment when they finally admit their feelings and we are rewarded as much as them. I sigh everytime Jack says, "luv"... ahhhhhh. hehe ;)"I don't want to be your mistake, Pete." "Too late for that ... I've told you you're in my blood, Jack ... You're in my blood like poison ... And I die because of you."Jack is battling a 13-yr old pact with a demon for his soul. He's struggling to find a way out, before time runs out, and without Pete finding out. He's always trying to protect her from the Black, but can he protect her forever or is his time finally up? LOVED the trip to Bangkok, since I've been there several times I could picture all the streets, go-go girl bars, lady-boys, etc and that just added to the excitement of the 2nd half of the story. The ending was a surprise and, of course, left me wanting more ... so, back to waiting ... for Black London 3.