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The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark, #1)

The Warlord Wants Forever  - Kresley Cole This short story is a prequel to Immortals After Dark. The story of a vampire warrior, Nikolai Wroth, and his quest to claim his Bride, a seductive Valkyrie, Myst.The Forbearers are humans turned into vampires. Until they find their "bride" they do not take living blood. Once they find their "bride" they can finally feel love, happiness, the beating of their heart and the flow of their blood.The Valkyrie were once fierce female warriors (human, demoness, siren, changeling or any creature from the Lore) who, while dying in battle, prayed for lightning from the Gods to allow them to continue their fight for all eternity.The two have battled each other for many years ... until now.