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Pleasure Unbound (Demonica Series #1)

Pleasure Unbound  - Larissa Ione If you love a new, fun twist to the paranormal romances you normally read, this is the book for you! That is as long as you don't mind sex ... lots of steamy sex, but sex that totally fits within the storyline and isn't just thrown in without reason. ;)Tayla, an Aegis Guardian, wakes up in a demon owned and sup operated hospital called Underworld General (or UGH ... hehe). The hospital has a spell in place that will not allow anyone to be harmed, so she is left with no choice but to put up with her "drop dead gorgeous" demon doctor until she recovers, can escape and kill him.The Axis of Evil, nicknamed that to annoy them, Ediolon, Wraith and Shade are brothers, purebred Seminus demons (Incubi) and they all work at the hospital. Ediolon is the administrator and head physician, as well as Tayla's doctor. He's also drawn to her ...There are so many fun twists and turns in this book. I don't want to give a single one away and risk taking that away from the next reader.All the brothers will have a story in the series and I cannot wait to read more about Wraith and Shade. They are both interesting characters with issues of their own, many of which are left as only hints to entice you to read on in the series. (Which I will definitely be doing!) One of many favorite quotes:"Wraith rubbed his hands together in a cheesy horror-movie glee. 'Join us or die.' He grinned. 'I've always wanted to say that.'"The Aegis Guardians are "the unsung protectors of the world; the secret guardians of humanity; the slayers of demons and things that went bump in the night". Only Tayla is about to learn things are not exactly as black and white as she believes. "No Aegis lesson had ever prepared her for Life in the Everyday World of Demon Doctors. Demons were supposed to live in sewers and fiery netherworlds. They didn't hold jobs. They didn't save lives. They tormented, raped, and killed." You will enjoy the journey, discovering, along with Tayla, the softer side of demons, I guarantee it!