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To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers)

To Crave a Blood Moon - Sharie Kohler I don't want to post spoilers ... I want you to savor this book.Man, this book was GREAT! It had lots of fights, a sexy, strong, wounded warrior and a strong (although she may not realize it in the beginning) female. Book 2, [b:Kiss of a Dark Moon|3064619|Kiss of a Dark Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 2)|Sharie Kohler|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51J9%2BaIuRIL._SL75_.jpg|3095600] about Rafe, Sebastian's twin, and Kit was good but this was SO much more. I didn't want it to end. Man, I am so impatient and hate waiting for another release in a series I love...I look forward to reading more about Jonus, who will most certainly be seen in future books. And Darius continues to spark interest, since he's been in a all three books, I'm hopeful that he will eventually find a mate as well.