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Winter's Daughter (Coven)

Winter's Daughter (Coven) - J.C. Wilder 4½★The first 2/3 of this book were intriguing. The story moved quickly, flowed nicely and seemed to be the beginning of a great story. But, the ending was ... not a let down exactly, but just missing something. I would love to read the add'l sisters' stories, but seems no book 2 has been written. Although years have passed since this one came out, I'm hoping Wilder will eventually return to the story of the Angelov sisters.The story made me think of the movie "Practical Magic", only in that the town of Salem whispered that the family were witches and treated them poorly. And there's the "Angelov" name which, of course, had me thinking of Nicole Kidman's hottie by the same name. Other than that, no similarities really.Synnamon's the oldest of four daughters. At age 14, her mother is killed and the town's police dept separates all the girls for reasons unknown. Many years later Syn returns to Salem to their family home in search of answers and her sisters.