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Mona Lisa Awakening (Monere: Children of the Moon, Book 1)

Mona Lisa Awakening - Sunny Loved this book! I read Lucinda, Darkly a few years ago and don't know why I haven't read Sunny's Monere series sooner.Mona Lisa is a nurse who knows she's always been different. When she meets Gryphon (be still my beating heart) she finds out just how different. Although she accepts her history and new "people" easily, I thought the story unfolded beautifully. I haven't read any of LKH's books, so I am not affected by an "same/same" others felt about the similarities in this story and her's.I'm so happy I have all 4 books of the series ... I've already jumped right into book 2, [b:Mona Lisa Blossoming|85855|Mona Lisa Blossoming (Monere Children of the Moon, book 2)|Sunny|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/411drXFhJLL._SL75_.jpg|82852]. :)