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Tithe (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #1)

Tithe (Modern Tale of Faerie Series #1) - I definitely prefer "very scary fairies", seems more "real" to me.I really enjoyed the world that Holly Black created for us in Tithe. I also liked that fact the she created characters that aren't run of the mill. Teenagers who have broken homes, troubled parents and are openly gay. There were a lot of references to smoking, drinking and such, but I felt that just made the story more realistic. I understand how it could've offended some readers though, as shown by the wide range of ratings from readers. I agree with a lot of what DarkHeart, another GR reader wrote in her review: DarkHeart's Review. She wrote it better than I could, so I share her review here.It was nice to have a fairy book where the main character wasn't gorgeous, in fact Black never focuses on Kaye's looks other than to say that she's unique - Asian with blonde hair. I liked the relationship between her and the Faerie Knight, Roiben. And ya gotta love a book that represents faeries as mischievous creatures who like to play tricks on humans vs. cute, harmless pixies.