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Dawnbreaker (Dark Days Series #3)

Dawnbreaker (Dark Days, Book 3) - Jocelynn Drake Rating is closer to 3 1/2 stars, but I rounded up since I'm feeling hopeful about the next book. I have no idea why though ...This series is extremely frustrating, but I keep reading it. It's like watching a TV show where you want to two main characters to admit their feelings and ... get together already. But, they never do. Yet you keep watching, hoping, season after season getting more and more frustrated. In the first book, Nightwalker, I didn't like Mira much at all. In the second book, Dayhunter, I grew to like her and liked Danaus even more. I had high hopes for this one and it was a slight let down. Equally frustrating is that these books to plug along for about 3/4, then in the last 1/4 everything picks up. Where I almost had to force myself to continue reading I then find myself unable to stop reading ... what will happen next? Will he/she die? Will their plan succeed? It's frustrating. So that's my insightful review ... frustration. :)