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Fragile Eternity (Wicked Lovely Series #3)

Fragile Eternity - Melissa Marr Well, I was anxious to read this one, seeing as Seth has been my favorite character since the 1st book, "Wicked Lovely". But, I was slightyly disappointed - the book seemed longer than it really needed to be and a lot of the same droning on by Aislinn, which can get annoying. She finally starts to give in to her "duties" as Summer Queen after Seth leaves without warning. But, at that point I was less interested in her and more interested in what was happening with Seth.Out of the three books in the series, "Ink Exchange" was my favorite. This book did have some interesting story lines which lead us into the next books of the series - Seth and his queen, the impending war and the relationships between Aislinn, Keenan, Seth and Donia. I was intrigued by the High Court and the relationship between Sorcha and Seth. I hope that in future books Niall's story is explored a little more. He was the main reason I enjoyed "Ink Exchange" so much. He is honorable, in a dark sort of way. He seems to have accepted his role as King of the Dark Court, but I have a feeling there's a story there ... I'm anxious to hear it and the past between him and the former King. As much of a struggle as it was to finish this book, I'm glad I stuck with it because things really picked up in the last 1/4 of the book. It had me reading faster and faster to find out what would happen once Seth left Faerie to find Aislinn. This one ended with a real cliffhanger, so I'm locked in now and sit waiting for book 4.