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Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts #1.5) by Stacia Kane

Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5) - Stacia Kane

Stacia treats her Downside fans to a (not so) short story, which takes place between Unholy Ghosts (#1) and Unholy Magic (#2).  Better yet - It's written entirely from Terrible's POV!  She definitely deserves some major badass author points for that because, while it's - at times - a struggle to read a book written only in Downspeech, I cannot imagine what it must take to write one.  She's done an amazing job and takes the readers right where they want to go (aside from his bed, of course) ... inside Terrible's mind.

Initially, I frequently found myself questioning Terrible's thoughts and actions because I am current with the series.  I had to remind myself, more often in the beginning of the book, that this takes place early on in the series.  So, the relationship between Terrible and Chess is still new and it proves to be a challenge for him; she's in his thoughts all the time now, which creates some complications in his current relationship. 


He was careful not to sit too close. If he sat too close he might forget and touch her, like resting his hand on her knee or some shit.  Hard to remember sometimes that she weren't his, that just cause he wished she was and sometimes felt like she was, ain't meant she was for real.


Wrong Ways Down gives us a better understanding of Terrible while we watch him solve a mystery.  As the Downside's (and Bump's) enforcer, Terrible has seen a lot.  Part of his job is taking care of the people who work for Bump and ensuring their safety.  So, when a street-man turns up dead and, worse still, one of the girls is attacked, Terrible's sole mission is to find out whodunnit and make.them.pay. 


If fists were brains he was the smartest dude in the city, and he couldn't help how that made him feel good.


While trying to solve the mystery, Terrible considers iffen he could call in Chess.  Bump don't see the point cuz'n no ghost sign, aye?  "The only evidence he had that it could be something to do with magic was his own suspicion.  Maybe he was just wishing it causen it'd be a chance to see Chess more."


He already saw her a fuck of a lot more than he'd ever expected, or hoped.  Almost every day.  Never would have seen that one coming; iffen he'd been asked two months past he'd have said she may have been the prettiest dame he'd ever met but she seemed like one of the bitchiest too.  But turned out she weren't a bitch at all.  She was fucking amazing, and iffen he could spend all his time with her he would.


However, while his thoughts often stray to Chess, he still doesn't consider himself worthy of a girl like her.  Fans are given a peek into Terrible's past, insight on his relationship and fierce dedication to Bump, and why he never decided to try his fighting skills in the professional ring versus on the street.

More than ever, I am anxious for book 6, which is currently Untitled, but has a release date set for 3 July 2014.  Thankfully, to help ease the long wait, Stacia has another short, Close to You, coming out on October 8th. 


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