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Submit to Desire (The Original Sinners, #0.7) by Tiffany Reisz

Submit to Desire - Tiffany Reisz

In Submit to Desire we meet Charlotte, a hairdresser, who has been through five boyfriends in five years.  She's had enough with boring bedmates. She's out with her girlfriends trying to get over her latest breakup when she spots Kingsley.  Of course he piques her interest, I mean, really, what's up with his Victorian look? 


"Like something off a romance novel cover ... [not walking] so much as strolling, as if the crowded nightclub was a park in the spring, and he was a country squire out on a pleasant Sunday ramble."

When asked about him, the bartender informs her that is Kingsley Edge, a "talent scout ... [who is] the opposite of boring.  And if [she has] any sense [she'll] stay away from him.Well, damn, that's like tellin' a dog he can't play with that cool new toy you just showed him, yah? 

Kingsley spots Charlotte doing her fire-breathing trick on top the bar and knows he must have le petit dragon.  She'd be perfect for his client ...


... "a wealthy businessman, not unattractive, who has found himself longing for a deeper connection than what he has experienced in his recent short-lived relationships.  He prefers a beautiful woman somewhere between the age of twenty-five and thirty-five.  No preference on race, height, or religion.  Strong preference on intelligence - i.e. she must have it.  And she must be very brave.  This particular client enjoys S and M on occasion but is more interested in absolute sexual dominance.  He is particularly aroused by fear."

Kingley explains that he will teach her everything she needs to know.  Interested, she agrees.

I love how Tiffany is able to create such interesting characters and stories in such a limited amount of time.  In each of her short stories that I have read there has not been one that left me feeling like I didn't fully know the characters, couldn't believe the story, or didn't want to stay in the world a bit longer.   In my opinion, she writes kink very well, no matter the length of the story.


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