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Saved by His Submissive (The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces #1) by Angel Payne

Saved By His Submissive (The W.I.L.D. Boys Of Special Forces, #1) - Angel Payne

Saved by His Submissive introduces us to Sergeant Garrett Hawkins and his team of WILD Boys, namely Sergeant Zeke Hayes and Corporal Ethan Archer who appear in books 2, Handcuffed by Her Hero and 3, Surrendering to Her Sergeant respectively.  Garrett has been mourning the loss of his fiancé, Sage Weston for a year, two months, sixteen days and counting.  And, he's been struggling with his "kinky-minded demon" even longer.  

Zeke and Garrett head to Bangkok to rescue American women who have been kidnapped and are about to be sold into slavery.  When they arrive, they find more than they ever expected.  Sage is alive!  

I had a hard time settling on a rating for this one.  On the one hand - I love guys in uniform, especially when they are wounded warriors (inside and/or out) who find the happiness they deserve.  Even better when their story has a splash of BDSM.  So, in that regard, this series is sure to be a favorite for me.  Yet, on the other hand, bits of the story didn't work for me.  Some of the main characters' reactions to past traumas felt unrealistic and took away from the story, hence my struggle with the rating.

Garrett is struggling to accept his "kinky-minded demon" and it's obvious his love and passion for Sage never died.  So, why then did he flee her arms after just discovering she was alive and seek out a prostitute?  I would've thought he might have waited until she had recovered and then discuss his desires to explore BDSM with her (after, of course, he was able to finally accept that was what he wanted).

That brings me to my second issue - Sage has been held captive and/or on the run from her captors for over a year.  Yet, when Garrett and Zeke find her, she doesn't appear to be traumatized in the slightest.  Having never experienced this myself, I cannot say what is considered a right or wrong reaction, I'm sure there is not such thing as either.  But, I do find it hard to believe that several hours after being rescued she shows no signs of the ordeal.  Garrett, however, realizes she has been through a lot and, despite his desire to "climb into bed with her very warm, very alive self" reminds himself that he needs to be patient. Their whole reunion felt off for me and lacked the passion I think the author intended.

(show spoiler)


With that in mind, I have rated the book 3.5★.  

I liked the side characters and look forward to learning more about each of them in future installments of the series.



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