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Hover (The Taking #2) by Melissa West

Hover  - Melissa  West

Hover takes place about three weeks after Gravity.  Now on Loge, Ari is trying to learn all she can about the planet, its inhabitants (the Ancients), and Jackson.  She has yet to see another human, but she knows that thousands fled Earth when she did.  Zeus said they would be safe on Loge, but while she never fully trusted him, she's learning he's even more devious and cruel than expected.  The more she learns, the more she realizes she's in a race against time to save not only herself and those she loves, but an entire race. 


I know that part of becoming okay with myself and the future, no matter where it takes me, is because of Jackson.  On Earth he taught me that there was a world outside of what I had always known.  Now here, on Loge, he's taught me that even the strongest, most guarded people have a vulnerable side. 


I love watching the relationship between Ari and Jackson change and grow.  I like the worlds that Melissa West has created.  I like that we were given a look at both Earth and Loge.  I also like learning more about the Ancients and Ari's friends.  What I don't like -- the cliffhanger endings.  But, the sting has worn off a bit and I'm anxious for Collide, due out sometime in 2014.



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