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If Only (Masters of the Shadowlands #8) by Cherise Sinclair

If Only - Cherise Sinclair

"'If onlys' will drive you mad."


If Only tells the story of sassy sub Sally and Co-Doms Galen and Vance, both FBI agents and new Shadowland Masters.


For months, they'd watched the little sprite.  Never silent, never modest.  She didn't submit gracefully.  Both he and Vance had wanted to take her on.  Nothing serious - they didn't do serious - but just for the challenge.


The first thing they noticed when Sally returned to the club after a month-long absence was that her bubbling enthusiasm and perkiness were gone - "... a subdued Sally was like a bird with a damaged wing."


The hunt for the remaining members of the Harvest Association continues. Sally, in school to become a computer forensics specialist, seizes an opportunity to become a silent hero in the hunt. She knows that "unhappy Doms weren't good for a submissive's health", so she tries to avoid the two Feds in an attempt to keep her actions stealthy.


That all changes when she's caught doing the one thing a Shadowkitten should never do - fake it. Z decides her punishment is to be handled by none other than the Co-Doms.


I loved these three together! It was great getting a deeper look at both Galen and Vance, who have been seen throughout the previous books. Sally and the Feds each have their own qualities that, when brought together, help mend the wounds of the others.


There was one irritant for me. While "imp", by definition, fits Sally's sneaky, mischievous personality perfectly, I didn't care for the endearment. Other than that, If Only is another fantastic addition to the Masters of Shadowlands series. And, I was thrilled to discover Cherise will be doing writing another MotS book! :D

I’ll admit it–I got my arm twisted and I’ll be doing another Masters of the Shadowlands. I’m going to see what happens when Rainie takes on Master Jake. That should come out in late summer, around August.