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BloodSworn by Stacey Brutger

BloodSworn - Stacey Brutger

In BloodSworn, we meet Trina Weyebridge, one of the most powerful, most feared type of witch, and the last of her line. She's a BloodSworn witch whose magic comes from her blood. As powerful as this type of witch is, Trina doesn't practice magic. Her powers were bound for her protection ten years ago. Since then she's been living her life in the human world as a hematologist. However, things are about to change. Vampires have kidnapped her sister and she'll do anything to get her back.


The war between vampires and shifters had ended one hundred and fifty years ago with a shaky truce that neither race would encroach on the others' territory.

Witches were little threat to the pack, but something about their magic disturbed the virus that kept vampires alive. Vampires and witches had hunted each other fanatically for centuries. The only thing that stopped an out-right war between the races was the pack's pledge to keep the peace.


I enjoyed this world that Stacey Brutger created. Vampires are not seductive or sparkly. They, along with the witches, are the bad guys in this novel. The shifters play an integral part in this world and keep the peace. Merrick, the Leo, was my favorite character. I also liked Merrick, Trina's protector. I was intrigued by the power and history of the BloodSworn. This would make a good series and, if the author chooses to write more in this world, I would definitely read it.